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Opponents defeated: (1.)
Tribe: Womble

Villages (4532)CoordinatesPoints
Barbarian village420|3481.667
Barbarian village403|3561.586
Barbarian village301|5161.631
Barbarian village297|5351.633
Barbarian village308|5779.895
Barbarian village308|5739.910
Barbarian village303|5869.532
Barbarian village303|5929.725
Barbarian village302|5709.824
Barbarian village298|5879.475
Barbarian village297|5879.575
Barbarian village303|5829.541
Barbarian village302|5869.541
Barbarian village280|5281.641
Barbarian village283|5321.537
Barbarian village277|5111.487
Barbarian village302|5919.577
Barbarian village281|5261.619
Barbarian village292|5839.479
Barbarian village270|5381.568
Barbarian village272|5381.614
Barbarian village299|5996.112
Barbarian village272|5341.570
Barbarian village272|5391.500
Barbarian village271|5239.491
Barbarian village271|5351.615
Barbarian village269|5381.621
Barbarian village275|5271.488
Barbarian village363|3061.634
Barbarian village273|5321.622
Barbarian village363|3001.602
Barbarian village265|5401.486
Barbarian village263|5422.407
Barbarian village367|3001.623
Barbarian village261|5651.578
Barbarian village370|2921.570
Barbarian village262|5421.485
Barbarian village368|2871.625
Barbarian village262|5571.532
Barbarian village358|3001.629
Barbarian village357|2971.627
Barbarian village262|5509.534
Barbarian village338|3041.663
Barbarian village353|3061.623
Barbarian village354|3051.613
Barbarian village348|2961.640
Barbarian village269|5899.574
Barbarian village349|3011.601
Barbarian village347|2971.660
Barbarian village338|3011.684
Barbarian village253|6069.536
Barbarian village379|2551.744
Barbarian village229|5569.563
Barbarian village229|5549.563
Barbarian village338|2851.538
Barbarian village292|3071.552
Barbarian village331|2771.503
Barbarian village227|5569.563
Barbarian village307|2951.689
Barbarian village328|2841.684
Barbarian village354|2681.700
Barbarian village308|2961.631
Barbarian village316|2921.583
Barbarian village307|2921.614
Barbarian village322|2751.568
Barbarian village330|2751.760
Barbarian village320|2741.569
Barbarian village267|3351.633
Barbarian village313|2781.668
Barbarian village312|2941.605
Barbarian village347|2641.667
Barbarian village308|2811.689
Barbarian village287|3031.521
Barbarian village293|2871.594
Barbarian village302|2921.534
Barbarian village295|2901.620
Barbarian village264|3361.621
Barbarian village309|2831.641
Barbarian village326|2741.604
Barbarian village330|2681.587
Barbarian village326|2661.613
Barbarian village314|2791.564
Barbarian village289|2871.622
Barbarian village264|3031.628
Barbarian village290|2861.581
Barbarian village323|2492.413
Barbarian village264|3061.595
Barbarian village238|3071.515
Barbarian village239|3061.599
Barbarian village235|3051.681
Barbarian village229|3051.586
Barbarian village228|3051.625
Barbarian village227|2981.477
Barbarian village232|2901.586
Barbarian village242|2761.606
Barbarian village245|2728.492
Barbarian village235|2971.567
Barbarian village247|2761.613
Barbarian village245|2701.565
Barbarian village245|2748.504
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Personal text
To all Piranha player, please stop mailing me if you got nothing intelligent to say.

I know your tribe is winning. That still doesn't make you a good player. There may be 3-5 good player in your tribe but if you feel the need to brag about any deeds on this world you are most assuredly not one of them.

If you want to chat about something else you are welcome.

I' m sick of every moron with a chip on his shoulder wasting my time

Achieved daily awards
386x Looter of the day
You plundered the most resources in this world on 17.09.2012 (562.979.969 resources)!
294x Plunderer of the day
You plundered the most villages in this world on 30.11.2012 (6.299 villages)!
126x Defender of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as a defender on on 30.05.2012 (4.427.734 units)!
123x Attacker of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as an attacker on 07.01.2013 (3.084.742 units)!
64x Great power of the day
You took over the most villages in this world on 28.07.2013 (119 villages)!
Achieved awards
Conquest (Gold - Level 4)
You have conquered 1.000 villages!
Continent scorer (Gold - Level 4)
You have made it into the top 1 of a continent!
Death of a hero (Gold - Level 4)
While supporting other villages, 100.000 of your units died an honorable death!
Demolisher (Gold - Level 4)
You have destroyed 10.000 building levels so far!
Leader (Gold - Level 4)
You have already defeated 20.000.000 enemy units!
Market Guru (Gold - Level 4)
You traded resources using your market 1.000 times!
Master of the Battlefield (Gold - Level 4)
You have completely destroyed 2.500 hostile armies!
Nobles Faith (Gold - Level 4)
You have defeated 700 noblemen!
Plunderer (Gold - Level 4)
You have plundered other villages 10.000 times!
Reliable Commander (Gold - Level 4)
You have supported other players in 3.000 battles!
Robber (Gold - Level 4)
You have looted 100.000.000 resources!
Score champion (Gold - Level 4)
You have already reached 10.000.000 points!
Scout Hunter (Gold - Level 4)
You have fought off 500 scouting attacks.
Self-attack (Gold - Level 4)
You have attacked yourself and lost more than 10.000 units in a battle!
Successful noble claims (Gold - Level 4)
You conquered 100 claimed villages!
The Warlord (Gold - Level 4)
You have attacked 250 different players!
Top scorer (Gold - Level 4)
You have made it into the top 1 in this world!
Tribal Wars Birthday: Renaissance
Tribal Wars Birthday: The Middle Ages
Wallbreaker (Gold - Level 4)
You have destroyed 10.000 wall levels!
Wealth comes in gold (Gold - Level 4)
You minted 50.000 gold coins!
Tribal Wars Birthday: Early Years
Lucky fellow
The loyalty of a village was 0 after you conquered it!
Paladin's power
You have found all the paladin items!
You have conquered yourself!
Unlucky fellow
The loyalty of a village dropped to +1 due to one of your attacks!